Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Infernal tunes

I received this last Sunday, I've been listening to it on the way home & must say that, after several outings, Hate Eternal has no other approach to music but incessant pounding. 

It's a good thing because that's what HE is all about, relentless speed & in-your-face metal riffing. The production here is a little 'different' as the (distorted) bass tones are somewhat more apparent, unlike previous releases where guitars & bass are manifested in a single serving of swirling madness.

It's not a good thing because things become predictable. The line-up here is completed by a pair of lesser knowns (leaving it up to you to know them through the band's home page) but the formula remains the same. But I'm not here to complain because I know there are acts like HE that doesn't wimp out when it comes to aggression.

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