Saturday, September 19, 2015

Swing to this

Was at SV Guitars earlier today; looking at effects pedals. Those JHS, Wampler & CMatmods stuff are prohibitive till sale time. But their recent sale ended just last weekend so I was about to leave the store till I saw this Swing CD-1. It's a simple guitar & I'm quite the sucker for a single pickup; it makes playing one very objective. 

It's not costly (List: $299) & had all the trademarks of a good production line model save the fretboard which was dry at several spots. That aside, everything else was ace. The thing with such guitars is that you have to plug it into a good amp to prevent it from being another dud from the entry-level range & I must say the Sound Drive amp it was plugged into was awesome. After 20min of audition or so, I'm of the opinion that the CD-1 is a value-for-money instrument. It plays well but some of us might be of the opinion that the overall feel lacks character, it feels too much like a starter guitar but let's not forget it's not one from the higher tier offerings. This P-90 pickup isn't wimpy by any means, it's pleasant in clean mode & manifests much character in all other drive applications; heavy metal included. So it's all a matter of taste- is it fulfilling enough for you or is it too much a novelty interpretation to be true?

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