Friday, September 11, 2015

Hey, dad! (Part 58)

Hey, dad! We're back in Malacca for a quick break!

That's right, we were in Malacca for a breather, so to speak & we managed to drop by HRC for lunch. That Les Paul there isn't just an entrance decor but it was done rather accurately in terms of details.

This Tele was signed by the Boss himself; Mr. Springsteen but it looked too squeaky clean to be a personal possession.

Nothing really interested me here except for the instruments on the upper wall in these clear showcases. Interesting to see the EBMM there with Van Helen's signature considering HRC Malacca opened in 2013 & Mr. Edward parted ways with the brand name way before that.

Pedal board belonging to the in-house band. The Bogner pedal pumping in some muscle there in the midst of other familiar names.

Stage view- no stringed instruments left behind. The Marshall you see there is a JCM900 so you know there are probably no heavy metal vibes going on nightly.

This was the most important item in the premises- food! The serving was overwhelming proportion-wise but it's something I could handle. 

I have a soft-spot for Malacca, had been here more than five times but the laid-back lure was personally irresistible. Throughout the years, the town had changed, not drastically but significantly. Majority of the historic attractions were in tact, the highlight would be realized in time to come when the major developments over at Malacca Island are completed.

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