Thursday, September 10, 2015

The reek of death (Ver 3)

I'm a fan. That's right, the price of these pedals are a little excessive but I'm a fan of the Dead Horse. It is now offered in this third incarnation featuring a bass rotary control. Rotary instead of a sweep type pot. This means, the player gets to select a preset voicing instead of trimming or adding the lower frequency response to their liking. The reason for this consideration- the sweep option adds more parts to the audio path & this destroys tonal character. This, according to Dennis Mollan (Pro Tone founder), is why many pedals with active EQ sections come & go without creating deep impressions on players. Another consideration- the bass meddling here is targeted at 7 & 8-string players & speaking from an owner's perspective, the Pro Tone name is the safest bet for fans of high gain settings who are in need of a drive boost.

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