Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ibanez: Thermo acoustics

Good Thursday morning, guitar nation. Have you heard of this process whereby wood reserved for guitar making are made to go through a heating process before being turned into instruments?

It's called 'torrefaction'; forcing wood to dry up in a vacuum space. This way, the material concerned would become more tinted & lighter. Ibanez chooses to call it thermo ageing. In essence, the instruments featuring such processed wood would sound louder (improved projection) & richer across frequencies.

This Summer NAMM 2016, Ibanez offers a quartet of such thermo aged guitars in both top only option of full bodied thermo aged selection. All models are depicted here.

So Ibanez joins Martin & Taylor in this wood treatment but as you know with Ibanez, their selections cost lesser than the competitors'. We shall wait for these models to make it here before passing further judgments pertaining to tonal preferences. In the mean time, here's a brief take:

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