Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The lone pickup in my MM SUB1 guitar is a Seymour Duncan Black Winter. Why was this pickup chosen? I would first address the guitar concerns. The SUB1 is a rather hefty instrument & naturally manifests a bass-inclined tone. With the default pickups, the overall tone wasn't strong in any particular frequency. It's as if the pickups were there to neutralize any particular accentuation of  certain frequencies. The Black Winter is by default partial to midrange, something like what you'd hear coming from a JB but without the slicing treble response. It was conceived to serve the twisted metal dimension in the first place, so menacing distortion is its thing, my kind of pickup in such an application. What it did to the SUB1 is important to me. It brought out the lower midrange accentuation typical of the fusion between such a pickup & an instrument of this weight threshold. Marvellous!

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