Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer NAMM 2016: Epiphone

Yes, Summer is here (elsewhere) & some new gear are making their debut at Summer NAMM, one of the more known names there- Epiphone. The manufacturer has a number of release this mid-year after being relatively reserved at the last Winter NAMM & this archtop got me interested- the Century-inspired hollow player featuring just a single P-90 at the neck position. The manufacturer promised an affordable price tag but it's nowhere near a starter price.

What's an Epiphone without the Les Paul invocation & here is the visually stunning new Traditional PRO-II. Main highlights- new pickups modelled after Gibson's own Alnico & Burstbucker models. Also, the instrument features an internal (battery-powered) booster unit for an addition 15db of kick; just pull up the tone knob to activate. 

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jimmy page said...

The inspired 66 reminds me of an old rocket I had