Saturday, June 4, 2016

Simply works

Ladies & gentlemen- what triggers you to plug in your guitar & play the while away? I think a simple answer to that would be tone. If you have a good tone at the ready, you will be moved to pick that guitar up & start strumming/ shredding. So it begs the next question: What's a good set up to have?

That's quite personal, I would say. Your preferred tone might be sonic rubbish to me. So start taking note of what works for you regardless of the gear in question. It might be a cheap pedal, a seasoned guitar & a small boutique amp or whatever you can get your hands on, that works for you. Also, please exercise some permutations of combination. Combine what you have in different order, use batteries for you pedals on some days, maybe give a different string brand a try, use a shorter guitar cord at times- you get the drift. Very soon, you'll be going back to the stuff that you like hearing or know to work well for certain intentions. There you go. A ready set of reference at your disposal.

Coming back to this pic here, my Blackstar Fly 3 amp is a go-to reference on days when I wish for a quick but pleasant set up. It's not exactly the best in the house but it's a guaranteed affair & that's more important to me than trying to figure things out when I need a quick set up. I've been using this amp often enough to know that it benefits from a little kick in terms of overdrive so a mild drive/ distortion unit would usually be hooked up as supplementary. With these two going, pretty much any guitar I play will sound pleasant or I should say, to my liking. Enough satisfaction on lazy days, on lethargic days, on days when I need a quick fix.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

my lazy setup(s):
1) guitar -> micro cube
2) guitar -> amplug2 or pandora mini -> headphones (late night setup) said...

Sounds awesome. More importantly, these work for you.