Sunday, June 19, 2016

Subtracting SUB1

This is my Music Man SUB1 guitar, bought from Davis GMC in 2005. The SUB1 range were the only models they had in store & at that point in time, I was hoping the EBMM instruments would be distributed by Davis GMC thereafter but apparently, things didn't follow up well. It wasn't a boutique MM model that's for sure. Back then, Fender did a Highway 1 & the concept of just finishing the instrument in satin instead of a gloss overcoat to reduce cost, caught on- Gibson did their Faded series at about the same time. Music Man did their SUB1 which was discontinued in 2006.

Just last week, I brought it out of hibernation & the electronics were cranky which no contact cleaner could cure. The main culprit was the corroded input jack. That was when I decided to give it a make over to serve my needs. I sent the original pickguard as a template reference to TYMC & they did a bridge humbucker only version which you see here. Controls were reduced to a solitary volume knob & everything electronics-related was handled by the master himself, Mr. Beez

So here it is, my revised MM SUB1 guitar which I think should not have been discontinued. EBMM couldn't keep up with the production costs to maintain the wonderful price so that spelt the end of this series. The Sterling range currently offer a SUB series of instruments which are much confused with this model. I would tell you that the SUB1 is a solid player & worth every cent.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

sub on sub :)

black winter? said...

Yes... the blistering Black Winter...