Sunday, August 21, 2016

Boutique picking

There are many players out there who adopt an anything-goes attitude when it comes to guitar picks. this indifference is the direct result of not hearing the immediate difference a pick makes to their tone. I started out as such. Being contented with a popular brand pick was more than enough to get me going. Peavey & Ernie Ball were my preferred picks (pun intended). Everything changed when I came across Dunlop's Stubby picks. The harder material, the extra grip & that pointed tip affected my playing in many positive ways that it became an exclusive favourite. Today, after the internet revolution, we have the luxury of acquiring our preferred picks online should they not be available off the shelves at the stores. I'm here to share the so called boutique picks by virtue of material consideration, construction & of course, price.

1. Drangons Heart
The company owned by C. Whitney is churning out that peculiar outline as a take-it-or-leave-it prospect for potential buyers. But let's understand the fact that it's offering a 3-tip option for players & this is the most un-plastic material in this group. So you have been warned :-)

2. V-Pick
Vinnie Smith had been gathering picking momentum (no pun intended) with his selection & it's easy to see why this is so; V-Picks are the most no-frills in terms of application. Add to that, the most grip friendly in this selection as well, without any extra indentations or scores.

3. Howling Monkey
If you want your picks to be thick without weight issues, this is the brand for you. It also has that grainy feel for grip considerations so fair warning to those who like theirs smooth instead.

4. DAW 
Russian & the friendliest manufacturer in this gathering. I personally feel the DAW stuff are best used for precision picking. The plastic concoction involved is also the least clanky. I tend to get carried away with the pointed standard version. 

The obvious hurdle when it comes to boutique picks is definitely the price. One could easily acquire a packet of non-designer picks for the price of one tragic piece of boutique pick. However, once you clicked with a boutique piece, it'll probably last you for a long time by virtue of the higher quality material concoction involved; a typical boutique piece just lasts longer. The personal touch of a boutique selection is also the turning point of not wanting anything else as replacements. Yes, it's that particular & worth every cent once you become a convert. I might have a give-away soon :-)


Daniel said...

That's one thing I can't change, I can change guitars or amps, but I feel like a fish out of water without a jazz III said...

The pick is that crucial extension of ourselves to the guitar. The wrong pick could break us, the right ones could make us (immortal).