Saturday, August 27, 2016

Nails: You Will Never Be One of Us

It's quickly turning into a music listening weekend for me. This here is a 3-man grindcore outfit, Nails. The entire You Will Never Be One of Us release is a mere 22 minute offering but it's an impactful sub-half hour episode if you are into the music. No excessive fret working despite some tasty solos in there, one of urgency & pure energy. More importantly, it's good to know there is a brutal outfit with good guitar works out there, not merely relying on hyped up band images to push music sales.The tittle track itself was on repeat mode for me for quite a while & the entire album was a great discovery. I was thinking nobody makes quality grindcore any more & that everyone has to return to Napalm Death for reality check but these guys are awesome to say the least. Here's the official clip:

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