Thursday, August 11, 2016

The clean drive through

Back to my EVH tinkering. Actually, there's nothing to tinker with, everything's there for the taking. The EVH 5150III LBX has a clean channel. OK, so it's a clean channel not like what you'd expect from a Fender. No bells & whistles here for sure because it drives if your signals are of the high output type or if you expend undue pressure on your picking to somehow flux the output. Yes, it's a little frustrating for those of us who are looking for a no-frills clean tone for, maybe, a clean chord episode in front of a crowd with some volume expectations. I've kept my gain pretty low for this attempt but the phantom drive manifests itself every now & then due to some careless manipulations. 

I gave up trying to highlight good cleans from this one. It wasn't made for a through & through clean performance anyway. I ended up coupling a distortion pedal to it for some crunchy manifestations. Never ask a brute to exemplify some gentlemanly attributes.

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