Monday, August 1, 2016

Reverse Beck

Pic: Fender forum

This is the venerable Jeff Beck, seen here with his Custom Shop signature Fender Strat. Recently, during his performances supporting his new album (Loudhailer- awaiting the arrival of my ordered copy), he's seen playing a reverse headstock version.When asked, his reply predictably mentioned the change in string tension; the lower, thicker strings are now less pressured due to the greater break angle from the nut to the machine head. The reverse is true for the treble side. 

I own several guitars sporting reverse headstocks. I don't feel the tension difference namely because my smaller, thinner fingers are already bothered by the standard tension of the strings compounded by lots of stretching during play. Hence, my lethargy is much due to finger movements as opposed to the efforts of countering string tension.

PS: August is here!

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