Monday, August 22, 2016

Mileage check

This was yesterday's affair. If there is such a thing as a mileage check for guitars, then it should be done. My SE 245 suffered a warped neck (nothing severe) despite me keeping my instruments away from direct sunlight. But we know how the weather's like in this part of the world. I wasn't even aware of this anomaly until I started playing & felt the action a little too high to my liking & I kept making mistakes. The neck was adjusted accordingly (truss rod tweak) & that was all that was needed.

That prompted me to clean the crackling (slightly) input jack as well & lowered the neck pickup height a tad. I do keep a schedule of guitars due for periodic checks but sometimes, the ones not due for inspection are the ones in need of attention. It's all circumstantial. Pay particular attention to your guitars which experience the most sweat exposure (from you, of course) . These are the ones that would suffer moisture-related issues. 

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