Thursday, August 25, 2016


Steve Vai recently shared his collection with a guitar magazine & I thought these were the coolest in his collection.

This was the precursor to the JEM, a Performance Guitar custom assembly. Note how the treble side skinny cut away & monkey grip were brought over to the JEM.

I was under the impression that a baritone Ibanez was a relatively recent phenomenon but Steve Vai had it going with this 7-string version & yes, it went beyond 24 frets.

This one was cool. 1) Maple fretboard- we seldom see Vai play one buy he had this custom version with coloured dot inlays. Reminds me of Jason Becker. 2) All single coil affair- must be his Start itch; he started with one anyway. 3) Not JEM-esque- note the S-series type cutaway.

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