Sunday, November 20, 2016

Catching Trower's wisdom

Robin Trower is from the blue's old guard who still prides himself by balancing vocals with dedicated guitar works. His 'no hurry' approach to music might be a case of extended inertia for some but it's all in the music if you care to listen.

I chanced upon this quote by him recently which is very reflective of my playing philosophy. I don't sit down to figure out what the other guy is playing. At most, I'll analyze what was used in the music & maybe get inspired to incorporate some phrases. I'm really against playing others' ideas for playing sake. Some might argue that we start learning by copying others but that doesn't exist in my learning philosophy. I've been playing guitar for quite some time now. Given this amount of time, I could have dedicated enough time to devour others' ideas into mine but it had not happened- what's the point? Playing & having people identify some others' style in my playing; what does that make me?

People like Trower & I, we won't make it big in terms of getting there. The Trower name for instance, doesn't gather as much crowd as Clapton. But look at where he's at in terms of belief & self-fulfilment- bigger than ever. Respect.

PIC: Rose G

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