Saturday, November 5, 2016

EVH: Micro Stack

This is the EVH 5150III Micro Stack, a pocket amp very much in the same league as Marshall's MS-2. It operates on a 9V battery with a power adapter option (not included). The amp has a tilt stand for a slanted projection.

If you think this is a guaranteed emulation of what a 5150 can do then I must say you have a very high expectation for a novelty amp. You might be delusional as well, given the brand name there without really thinking of the implications of size & circuitry involved. We can pile this up with others of its ilk which are so removed from what their standard size counterpart could do & resign in the realization that it's semi-junk. The GAIN on offer is nothing near the 5150 ferocity, things get very fuzzy at extreme settings with low notes suffering from immediate death upon playing. Cleans are only usable at lower gain/ volume levels, beyond noon, things trickle into drive territory with very little appeal in terms of clarity. 

I would hereby reiterate the fact that Blackstar FLY is the only table-top/ pocket grade amp which  remains functional when in use. We need not try too hard looking for alternatives because in the mean time, there are none. 


yong c said...

I love it when you go out and say that something is non-functional (i.e. crap). Cuts to the chase, and concludes your observations succinctly.

Jon Johan said...

I think the fuzzy tone should be a given; being that size and all. But on the plus side, it makes a nice amp for kiss figurines ;)