Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hype blood

As at 17th Nov, there were no KHDK Dark Blood (DB) pedal sound bytes/ sample/ video review. I had the opportunity to hear it in action at the store yesterday. The pedal's endorser claimed this pedal had plenty to offer in terms of drive/distortion. He was confident it would measure up against something high gain in similar offerings. Let me share with you my friends, that the DB is indeed a high gain entity but it belongs to the intense distortion camp. It doesn't serve a heavy metal type distortion comprehensively, BOSS's Metal Zone/ EHX Metal Muff would be more than able to out-metal this one given the right settings. This pedal employs diode clipping which was hidden in the innards but traces of light could be seen from the knob & switch gaps. Having a 2-band EQ is a little deficient in terms of voicing, I was trying to dial in some usable tones for solos but found it either a little too bland for the bridge humbucker or a little too muffled when the neck pickup was in use. The most attractive feature here is its noise gate that helped to really eliminate background hissing or other extraneous picking noises. 

Having watched the promo clips of this pedal (just mere verbal appraisal), I would deem the endorser's attempt to hype it up a little misplaced given that it is very close to being a one-trick pony & a little misrepresented, at best.

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