Thursday, November 3, 2016

The boss is available

As mentioned in a previous entry, the BOSS GT-1 is NOT a current replacement of the celebrated GT-100. It's simply a back-to-basics version of the manufacturer's GT line. I personally believe that this is one of the worthy no-frills multi-fx unit one could consider acquiring. It is now in stock at Swee Lee (List: $299).

By the way, how much did Swee Lee pay me to put this up? Absolutely nothing. If you think some entries here are inclined towards a favourable mention, perhaps you have yet to understand my dedication for this blog- I empower you to make informed decisions. Nothing else. How then, is such an entry, empowering you towards making informed decisions? Simple- prices are mentioned, store names are mentioned, stock availability/ re-stock frequency is mentioned, fundamental product appraisals were done, so if you have a better deal elsewhere or if you've been had by some online deal, then you have a pivotal reference to reduce/increase subsequent buying experience. 

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