Sunday, November 20, 2016

PRS CE ver 2017: Salute!

Two days ago, I managed to squeeze some time to test out PRS' CE model which was re-introduced this year. At the back of my mind, I was rather upset that PRS is misallocating resources to reinvigorate a done deal. This bolt-on take on the manufacturer's renowned outline was discontinued in 2008 & it wasn't a strong selling point given the different neck-body attachment.

But having played one in person, the CE is indeed worth the resurrection. First up, the satin finish was crucial in both playability & comfort. This somehow managed to supplement the wide-thin neck profile, there's this sublime grip factor going while the instrument was in use. Secondly, the pickups there- a pair of 85/15- are deserving in getting some clarity through. They are great with any amount of drive dialled in but those clean aficionados might find the break-up factor of the neck humbucker a little troubling; it happens too soon so some volume play might be necessary to keep things dirt-free. Is bolt-on a desecrative construction profile for PRS? Not if you are splitting hairs & insists the manufacture should bend only one way for their instruments' tone in general. The increase in snap here is likeable & I personally find it non-wayward in any aspects. Even if it's not a flagship tone for the manufacturer, it's done in good taste.

I'm trying to resist the notion of a bolt-on PRS being 'good' or even acceptable because this will lead to tone dichotomy more than the tone appreciation per se. This CE proves to be difficult because it is good in its own right, regardless of the manufacturer's segue into other construction philosophy in trying to prove a point. Good manufacturers will remain successful regardless of any guitar-making adventure & PRS is one of them. Forking out more than $2K for a bolt-on PRS is quite foolish but we fork out more than that amount for a Fender or a Suhr without batting an eye. Decisions, decisions.

Rating: 80/100

PRS: CE 24 (ver 2016)
Availability: Davis GMC
List: $2,400

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