Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fender (Japan): Jaguar

On the second day of the Swee Lee sale, I got myself this Fender Jaguar. It's an old Japanese model which remained unsold but still acceptable in terms of physical condition. I managed to test it out a little bit to make sure the electronics justified the $1K+ price tag. Prior to bringing it to the cashier for payment, I was informed that it doesn't come with a bag & the accessories were also missing (no whammy bar). I went home clutching this guitar dearly to avoid unnecessary knocks & dents. I was also thankful the gloomy weather contained its fury so walking home with this instrument in hand was the Lord's grace indeed. 

While I remain grateful to Swee Lee for making this sale event happen & the awesome service rendered, I sincerely believe a little more price compensation could be factored in for older instruments with missing accessories. They were not meant to be luxury items by the manufacturer but supplementary to the instrument. Try selling a car without windshield wipers.

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