Saturday, April 22, 2017


Have not been playing in standard tuning for a week. Had a good time in extended territory. Nothing too excessive but a 26.5" scale length. According to the manufacturer, the Ibanez RGDIX6MRW sports a nitro Wizard profile. To the uninitiated, Ibanez necks are notoriously skinny & lack the beef for those with bigger hands. The 'Wizard' label is synonymous to a skinny adjective in the Ibanez realm but if you have handled an RGD Iron Label model personally, the neck is anything but skinny. In fact, it feels substantially beefy while maintaining the D-profile. A thick D-profile if you will, a profile more generous depth-wise. But the players out there won't be easily swayed by mere description, playing one in person will address this misconception. I'm just glad that I own this version of the RG. In fact, I prefer the RGD to the standard RG in terms of feel.

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