Sunday, April 16, 2017


What's abuzz right now- a certain guitar brand took a generous swipe at a certain band that's a little foolish with their choice of words. The guitar brand & band concerned are pictured above. Anyway, getting into details, one of the band members said:

“If you’re expecting ESP guitars, then this album is not for you”

The guitar brand replied: 

Moral of the story: If you wish to make yourself heard, do not do it at the expense of others. Lemme see now, I own several ESP guitars but absolutely no Linkin Park albums. 😏

Pic: altpress


yong c said...

Actually, I thought Mike Shinoda put it across pretty harmlessly. He was using the guitar brand as an analogue for a certain sound, and he certainly wasn't wrong, or derogatory. Full text for full context below:

"Just hearing any song, like Heavy, is just one piece of the whole. That said, though, if the only thing you want to listen to is ESP guitars through a rectifier amp then this is not the album for you. Come to a show, though, because there are songs in the set which are for you! This is not your album, though." said...

If you can't guarantee a positive implication when mentioning someone else's goodwill, best not to- even with good intentions.

yong c said...

Guess I'll have to disagree with you on that, but we can agree to disagree! said...

Not compelling you to anything. That was what took place & I see where ESP was coming from in this light; their goodwill was made to be the brunt of a personal comment with arguably inclined intentions or otherwise. Once again, if we can't guarantee what we say won't hurt others, better not to say it all.