Sunday, April 9, 2017

Miller's custom

This is the initial prototype of Martin Miller's customized Ibanez. It's already dichotomizing Ibanez fans out there. The pro camp says it's a thing of beauty with a touch of Ibanez history. The anti camp opines that it's moving too far away from the current manifestation, it barely retains the identity. There's also the disoriented camp saying it's a Suhr in an Ibanez shell & it's awesome- we wonder what they were drinking.

It brings me back to the pre-RG era where Ibanez Roadstars were the highlight. This RS225 for instance, has very similar outline to Miller's custom albeit the cutaway refinements. 

More RS models here with that very simple but elegant design. I'm just of the opinion that professionals like Martin Miller prefer features in their guitars that adds to playability & tone rather than conforming to a certain take on design. We await further developments with bated breath 😊

EDIT: As at October 2017, we know it's not an artist custom but a new Ibanez model to be released @ NAMM 2018.

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