Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mader's metal

Flashback 1990s- grunge era. Life for metal heads was particularly difficult; nobody was interested in being angry, everyone wanted to be emotional & spend time playing guitars while looking down at their shoes. As such, good metal acts from State-side were numbered. Logan Mader (pictured center) was with Machine Head, one of the very few American acts genuinely interested in metal. A couple of albums with the band, some Soulfly stints & a production mastery under his belt, Mader now has Once Human. A 3-pronged guitar band, all sporting Ibanez 7-strings & more importantly, good music with lots of guitar considerations. One worthy track to note:

I usually don't pay attention to such acts for a simple reason- there's an over-bearing need for attention, instead of music focus. A good metal act, in my opinion, is one that gets totally immersed in their music first & foremost, leaving the world behind. In fact, the world catches up much later when it's either ready or has exhausted their palatable references.

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