Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wrathe's proto

Here's Lee Wrathe putting some mileage into a proto Ibanez which is suspiciously similar to the one showcased by Martin Miller: CLICK

Some implications:

  1. Since it's not an exclusive piece, we can arguably rule out a signature range in the works. Good news for dweebs like me who dislike signature pieces. Having said that, my next guitar will be a signature model.
  2. We see a Prestige label at the headstock's flip side so that's compounding what was mentioned in 1.
  3. Seymour Duncan pickups in there- ha! 
  4. Ibanez continues the proud philosophy of doing things their own way. Look at the string saddles; not something you can readily find in the stores.
On that note, it's the end of April as we know it. Wishing everyone a good May ahead. 👍


Benedict Ho said...

will said signature model be a Holdsworth (; said...

Might be a Les Paul...