Monday, May 1, 2017

Not so rosy

In the near future, Fender will be doing a price hike for some of its models so I'm pre-empting you with some expectations lest you go round the  shops & scream daylight robbery. So here goes.

For American models sporting rosewood fretboards, there'll be a +USD100. Strats, Teles, Jaguars, etc. as long as rosewood is involved, price goes up.

Mexican models- those sporting rosewood fretboards, a +USD50. 

The American Elite will be spared in this price revision exercise for this reason- it will cease to feature a rosewood fretboard soon. I do not wish to speculate the alternative materials playing the substitution role, let's hear from the manufacturer in time to come.

So friends, in light of this development, some distributors would hold out in terms of stock availability, letting the new prices set in before shipping in the 'new' batch of guitars. If I were to be one, I'll play the waiting game as well to avoid my inventory sporting two prices & confusing buyers in the process. 😑

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