Monday, May 1, 2017

At C&M

Was across the Causeway yesterday, managed to drop by C&M's Tampoi showroon (Plaza Angsana). There weren't too many people in store, so I managed to try the Ibanez RG470PB.

This isn't a new model, it's at least a 2015 version judging by the serial number. The instrument per se was in very good condition but the action could have been better as my 3mm pick slipped through the gap at the 12th fret very easily. The bridge's fine tuners were almost maxed up so there wasn't enough play to effect subsequent tuning here but the guitar was in tune less 2 strings. Everything sounded pleasant in both clean & driven mode through a Marshall MG combo. I didn't play much due to the high action, just getting a feel of the neck. Despite the Wizard III spec, the neck felt thinner & very straight (several sightings done).

A big thank you to the C&M staff who helped me along & the pleasant experience.

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