Thursday, May 4, 2017

Last 3

Alrighty! Time to talk music since music was the reason I picked up guitar. Here are my last 3 purchases:
  1. Mastodon- Emperor of Sand. Lots of talk prior to its release. It was touted to contain some of the most moving moments since it was conceived during emotional & sombre episodes. Sadly, it's not on my like list. The initial single, Sultan's Curse, was rather misleading as it failed to represent the other numbers in this release. It's one of the truly metal tune penned here, the rest of which are bridled aggression, at best. Below expectations, definitely.
  2. The Allan Holdsworth CollectionEidolon. Bought this one on the day of his passing, unknowingly, that is. Still eerie come to think of it but this double discs release contain some of the master's best. Even the non-shred pieces were thought provoking & very otherworldly. One simply does not listen to Holdsworth & not get stirred in some ways. Worth every cent.
  3. Come Together- Guitar Tribute to the Beatles. Finally, Beatles tunes without anyone singing- ha! I'm not the Fab 4 fan, never was. I'm intrigued by the song arrangements but would prefer an instrumental take with lots of individuality & this album is bulging with that content. Allan Holdsworth's Michelle & Zachary Breaux's Eleanor Rigby are my firm favourites. 

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