Sunday, May 7, 2017


If you are doing neck rectifications & your guitar sports a body end truss rod access, do capo your strings at the nut end.

Proceed with your neck rectification thereafter. This way, your strings won't be flapping in all directions.

My Schecter here sports a rather high action. After several action adjustments, a quick neck sighting revealed excessive bowing so it received some due attention this morning. In conclusion, there are 2 considerations if you wish to address a guitar action. 1) Lowering/ raising the action via the string saddles at the bridge. 2) Neck bow considerations to suit your preferred action. Both factors are working towards your embrace for a certain string gauge, lest you forget.

I always hear this from uninformed players- the straighter the neck, the better it will be for the player.  Neck bow is very much a preference setting. If, for instance, you prefer heavy-gauged strings, a straight neck would manifest excessive buzzing (compounded by low action). Also, low-action dweebs would do well to embrace straight necks as unchecked bowing would manifest note choke at the upper frets. Happy guitar Sunday, everyone 👍

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