Saturday, May 6, 2017


Still in rosewood mode 😁 Fender is the standard to beat when it comes to single coil tones but we know today, there are many worthy alternatives out there. The thing with players is that their expectations with Strat alternatives is a little misplaced. They wish for an exact replica less the brand name. Every manufacturer strives to out-Strat the Strat in some ways so significant variations apply. Too many players deem alternatives as unworthy due to such differences. So the proverbial adage still applies- you want a Fender tone & feel? Get a Fender. Everything else is for those who accept differences.

The Edwards alternative you see above weighs a little lesser than the Fender counterpart. As such, the tones are less thumping in terms of attack & there's more breathable midrange coming from it. Neck wise, the Edwards is a little slimmer & less C-profiled, compared to the Fender. If there's any attempt to replicate authenticity, the Edwards is doing the 60s thing rather convincingly. 

The Japanese  manufacturers take pride in quality & precision, the Edwards here is an outstanding example, I should say. Then again, people are skeptical when it comes to a substitute brand name. They have this deep seated distrust when non-conventional labels get the highlight. To them, why bother with the competition when the benchmark is still making its mark. Well, to the initiated, there is a growing realization that the benchmark isn't as commanding as it used to be. The people behind tried & trusted names have different agenda these days especially when commercial viability is concerned. These entities were there to make money in the first place, yes? 

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