Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Singles club- May reprise

Good morning guitar dweebs & tone chasers alike, how's the holiday thusfar? The single coil adventure continues with my Edwards & Schecter. It's a spillover from last Sunday, actually. I had no desire to hear any humbuckers in action. I suffer from this on a cyclical basis, it takes on a different theme each time. Anyway, single coils have taught me to appreciate the top end. Yes, that treble bit we don't quite like to hear when churning out heavy metal type riffs. Single coils also taught me to appreciate cleans better. I'm not a clean fan, I need drive/high gain to play like I always do. Lately, I prefer single coils for tapped stuff as well, especially the neck pickup. Lastly, lower drive settings sound more forgivable with single coils; pedals like the Ibanez Tubescreamer & JHS Morning Glory sounds wonderful with single coils. 

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