Monday, April 10, 2017

Standard & extended

Last weekend, these two were the most played guitars: Ibanez RGD321 (t), RG460 (b). They both feature Seymour Duncan pickups but the RGD is of a longer scale length.

The RG460 is one of the many instruments here featuring my typical set up, namely a low action & a set of 009s strings. The RGD on the other hand, does not sport a low action, merely something that helps me play well & it's a set of 011s in there. I find having something different, a variation of my preference in this case, helps me focus on some aspects of playing. In this case the RG460 was all speed & very little feel. The RGD slowed me down a little, due to the quick onset of lethargy (longer scale length), & focuses on single note precision. As such, the RGD helps my 4-notes-per-string legato stretches with more clarity focus than the 460. As the saying goes; different tools for different jobs.

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