Tuesday, April 10, 2018

521's innards.

Come, let me show you what's under the Ibanez RG521 control cavity.

After the makeover by Beez, this is how things look like. Some observations:
  • Despite being made in Japan, the default pots from the factory are the Alpha brand. I was expecting Gotohs.
  • The volume pot features a treble bleed cap which was retained.
  • Ibanez's 5-way selector is now the PCB type (as indicated). I have no idea if this was the standard change for Japanese models but I'm about to find out soon.
I had Beez swap out the default tone cap with an Orange Drop as clearly seen there. Also, there was no leftover saw dust/ buffing compound in the cavity so it speaks a lot about the production ethics over at the Japanese end of things. 

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