Monday, April 9, 2018

Ownership poll: Electric - acoustic

Thank you, once again, for taking part in this poll. It's no surprise that electric guitar owners are also acoustic guitar owners. For those of us who started on the acoustic & subsequently embrace the solid body electric, we do return to our roots time & again. Having an acoustic at home reminds us of who we were at the start of our guitar journey. If it's not for that cheap acoustic that triggered our interest a lifetime ago, we wouldn't be this accomplished today. 

Also, there is a sizeable camp out there who are song writers & reply on the acoustic guitar's simplicity rather heavily. We need to get ideas going without having to deal with the hassle of plugging in; just grab & go. You'd say playing clean with an electric is the acoustic experience- no. The acoustic guitar's onboard 'amplification' by virtue of its hollow body is an entirely different experience. Once you get going, you can feel your song reverberating with you so to speak, an irreplaceable experience unlike hearing your song coming out of an amp. 

Business-wise, it's simply foolish not to have acoustic guitars in store if you are selling solid body electrics. Keep in mind that your returning customers are likely the ones who bought that initial guitar from you. They come back for more because they like what they bought or you had given them an unforgettable service. 

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