Monday, April 30, 2018

Tuned trouble

The Gibson camp is currently dealing with another messy upheaval. Their robot tuner developer is suing them for $50mil mainly on commercial (profits) & contractual (R&D) grounds. Not a good thing to happen, definitely, when the tuners were meant to be a revolutionary tuning icon for the company. 

The most fundamental observation here is that the device itself had failed to address tuning concerns. Do beginning guitarists simply give up due to fundamental tuning issues? It's also a rotten consideration on grounds of appeal- the Gibson brand name is arguably the wrong label to be associated with a technical evolution of this nature. We could agree that the brand name itself represent formidable heritage more than anything else.

On a legal perspective, if a company owes you money & there's a good chance it would fold, suing them would get you in line as a priority creditor should your case carry weight. Last heard, Gibson is counter-suing them & believe the developer's legal proceedings are nothing but a publicity stunt. 

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YusTech said...

Tronical should approach Gibson creditors and contra the sue amount into some stake of the company. I'm confident Gibson is still a profitable company for any entity to be apart of provided it's not Henry steering it. My 2 cent sir.