Monday, April 16, 2018

Dead trio

I was late for an appointment with Beez yesterday to replace a dead volume knob (number 2 in this pic). As it turned out, the push-pull tone knob (1) was dead as well. On top of that, the 3-way selector failed to work (3). A look under the cover revealed the dead trio seen here. The 3-way selector was so corroded, it's beyond saving. 

The volume knob & the 3-way unit were easily removed. Item 1 won't budge, so it received an initial dose of contact spray. No response. A small wrench was used to probe the nut but still no response. Second dose of contact spray plus some gentle taps with the said wrench; finally some movements. Upon a closer look, the nut & washer didn't move, the pot shaft was the one moving. A few turns & snap! The shaft gave way & that's the broken piece you see there in the pic. All this scuffling with dead parts cost me a precious hour & then it poured. So yesterday was an indoor day.


YusTech said...

What would the replacement be sir? CTS,Gotoh,Alpha or Bourns. said...

Bro... I think I have some spare Alphas in the house. 😁