Monday, April 23, 2018

The new (2)

What can I say? I will return to Ibanez all the time. It's the brand name that works for me. Whatever boutique or custom options out there that's worth every cent, it might not work for me unlike a typical Japanese Ibanez This was supposed to be my birthday present but it came a little early. Of course, today isn't my birthday.

I love this simplicity- an RG headstock without the 'RG' label.

Old school block neck joint which allegedly impedes upper fret access but if you're worth your salt, this shouldn't hinder your abilities. So this is the third RG550 I own. I don't have a soft spot for re-intro Ibanez models, just grabbing what's worth it while it's still available. Mod plans are in the works- stay tuned. Thank you, Mr. Faizal @ Swee Lee Katong I12 branch for your valued assistance. 

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