Sunday, April 22, 2018


Heavy rain this evening saw the cat taking refuge on anything but the cold floor. Seen here, our majesty resting on one of my guitar bags. I have no issues with this whatsoever. We are fortunate to have a cat that does not sharpen her claws on our furniture, my amps or guitar cases. It's just not her thing. Good kitty! 😸


addin. said...

You prob won't expect this qtn... but, what flooring is that!?

I like it :) Gathering ideas for my reno. Any tips / lobang's appreciated!

Thx in adv Sub said...

This is laminate flooring, bro. It's a synthetic, wood-based layer which we prefer as opposed to ceramic tiles/ marble flooring. We have senior citizens in the house who appreciate non-cold floor, something that doesn't aggravate rheumatism.

addin. said...

Thanks for sharing Sub! Hv a great week!