Thursday, May 5, 2016


The owner & founder of VFE pedals is giving up his full time pedal-making engagements this Summer. He will resume his teaching career & only run his pedal business as a side venture. Many current pedals are clearing for reasonable prices at the website. It's a good time to consider one if you have not checked them out already. 

What's the big deal, anyway? VFE pedals take pride in the tinkering of their products on a personal level. They don't compromise ideas to fit the commercial aspects of any manifestations. The Distortion 3 Jr (blue) & Dragon Hound (red) pedals are standard production units. The Mermaid you see there is a custom shop option so the green housing, brushed blue aluminium knobs & yellow LED were entirely my choices. This will be the future VFE pedal format, they did a spot run to test the feasibility of the methods to come & I find the prices reasonable. 

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