Sunday, May 8, 2016

The 52s...

These Ibanez RGs might look familiar to you because they were once mentioned here: CLICK

They are finally available at Swee Lee but the down side- black only (what!?). For that particular reason, I'm not going to fork out any more money on another black guitar despite knowing these are awesome instruments for the money.

In Japan, the RG652 is offered in white.

It's also offered in this stunning blackwood top finish.

You want a maple board version? Here... You know what, these variants are even available in the UK so I guess, this country is not as deserving when it comes to this consideration. 

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Garam Masala said...

I always wanted the 652 esp. the Cobalt Blue version. Options in other colors are there but just like you said they are not readily available here. It is always the usual black.

Some other variations to add further is the Candy Apple (Japan only) and Nebula Green Burst (with maple fretboard).