Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Reverse logic

Birthday present, yes! You know, that Hendrix Strat got me thinking; what is it like to struggle in someone else's world & still be on top of the game? On that note, I trawled cyberspace in search of an equivalent to embrace the spirit of adversity. The guitar here is an Edwards E-SE-125M/RB. It's one of those models not listed in their catalogues but offered to the domestic Japanese market (there are others to be discovered if you are enterprising in your search). Despite being very lefty in its incarnation, the guitar in question is a righty; the strap button there is a dead giveaway. I'll share some other quirks as we move along :-)

What I like about this guitar is its trio of Seymour Duncan single coils; no frills, just that Seymour Duncan kick in the teeth but in a vintage manifestation.

But then again, it's not my birthday.

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