Wednesday, May 11, 2016

John Page: Ashburn Classic

I'm having a single coil itch in the mean time (wonder how long it'll last). This is the Ashburn model which isn't new (debuted in 2015). To the uninitiated, John Page is an ex-Fender employee who is the co-founder of the Custom Shop division. The Classic version you see here is his interpretation of an already revered design. Whatever quirks you see are his take on 'refinements'. 

The flip side is as traditional as it gets but the offset neck-body joint is somewhat a necessary inclusion to all things contemporarily traditional (as oxymoronic as it gets). It's a wonderful guitar to say the least & kudos to Mr. Page for having it manufactured in Japan for a more competitive price point. Thanks to Janet & company once again for the great hospitality at Davis GMC.

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