Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Angry Tuesday

This arrived yesterday, unboxed just hours ago. I just stopped playing. Managed to squeeze out some of the angriest tones, pedal-free. Every guitar plugged into this little beast just brings out the anger in them, I had 3 going: 1) Ibanez RGD321 2) Yamaha Pacifica 510V 3) John Page Ashburn. That's right, even single coils sounded plain angry here. Will be the weekend before I further appraise its capacity. Awesome.

Swee Lee had updated their EVH listing at their web page. I used to get a 'There are no products in this category' message every time I clicked the link. Despite the void, the EVH section was not removed so I was hoping something good might appear in time to come & the wait paid off, so to speak.


Daniel said...

sweet! I've been wanting to try the 1x12 combo

subversion.sg said...

You should have a certain expectation when it comes to EVH amps, as narrow as it seems, these amps are quite singular in performance. But it excels in this singularity, this amp- a very focused affair.

Muhd Shafie said...

Hi Sub. You bought this from SweeLee?

Eid Mubarak!

subversion.sg said...

Salam bro Shafie, yes, bought locally. Do check it out at Swee Lee's webpage.