Monday, July 18, 2016

New faded

A lethargic Monday but work's over for now... :-)

Was looking at these Gibsons online- the manufacturer did some faded models prior to these releases, if you have no reference to what I just stated, it goes to show how significant those guitars were. I remember them because I ever owned a faded SG before & it was one of the most affordable Gibsons which didn't compromise quality or tone. Why were those faded models unpopular? The average Gibson fan is a traditionalist, any variation from the initial design, they would deem it as deviation. In my opinion, Gibson need more of such affordable interpretations on the popular models. These will draw newbies into the fold. We also need some Gibsons to nail the tone but we can live without the flashy bits. Then again, the Gibson camp is all about the flash; sounding good SHOULD be coupled with looking good. I'm sure some purists out there would deem these models depicted here as not so true Gibson guitars. In any case, these faded models are limited edition so seeing them here is rather remote.


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I prefer this finish :-)