Thursday, July 7, 2016

Iron S

Awesome releases by Ibanez this summer.

These are from the Iron Label series, featuring DiMarzio's Fusion Edge pickups which are currently in the RGD range of this series. 

That reverse headstock- it's a welcomed change. Looking forward to their availability here.

Seen on this page, top-bottom:
  • SIX6D- 6 string, EZII bridge
  • SIX6FD- 6 string, fixed bridge
  • SIX7FD- 7 string fixed bridge


sweetmethane said...

Any personal experience with those fusion edge pickups, Sub? What do you think those pickups fair in terms of tonal versatility? Btw thetoneking on utube has already demoed this guitar. said...

I own the RGD with these pickups as default:

The FE pickups are Super Distortions in another interpretation- more smoothness than poke. Very Petrucci-esque for want of a better reference, capable of metal as well.