Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The cat & the son of beast

Ah, yes. My Fender Jaguar received the EVH 5150 III LBX treatment as well. I currently love this guitar for its shorter scale length; makes fast playing even faster but investing in this instrument purely on that account is delusional. Why? Simple reason- you can play fast with any guitar, it's a matter of familiarity & adaptation. Malmsteen does that with his Strat (25.5"), ever seen Dweezil Zappa shred with a Gibson SG (24.75")? 

A good amp will make a puny guitar sound outstanding. In this case, the Jaguar isn't puny by any measure of consideration. The LBX was able to make those single coils there sound ferocious because its an amp for this specific assignment & it's proving its worth. However, the amp isn't transformational; it doesn't change the nature of those single coils radically. They remain to be a preferred choice for clean settings more than anything else. The harmonic content for instance, isn't as rich or sensitive. Also, lower notes don't sound thumping enough for heavy metal; single coils would remain as such, they don't cross over into humbucker territory just because they receive some sonic supplements while in use. 

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