Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mick J

Another jump-ship episode- Mick Thomson is now in the Jackson camp. A sad turn of events really, Thomson picked up an Ibanez RG560 way back in his career on his own accord; he was a true blue Ibanez fan. A brief BC Rich turn then to Ibanez & now Jackson.

Mick should talk to his guitar tech to check if he's 1) Dyslexic or 2) Drunk when re-stringing this Jackson (when you see it). Bottom line: Fender is smiling. Let's see if the stores here are wise enough in handling the discontinued Ibanez models. 


Emmanuel BALLANDRAS said...

Maybe it's juste because the headstock has that shape? Juste to help the strings not to bend too much??

Daniel said...

Its how I string my Jackson with a rev headstock. said...

By default, Jacksons with reverse headstocks should be wound the other way round the machine heads; it's a mirror reflection of the non-reverse headstock. Some players cite tension issues upon choosing to do it the way shown here. They claim less tension from the strings' break angle at the nut to the post. I totally understand this if the nut is NOT a locking version :-)