Sunday, September 10, 2017

Angry driver

Collaboration. That's right, two companies from two walks of life got together to give us the Angry Driver. As seen above, it's a fusion of BOSS' Blues Driver & JHS' Angry Charlie. The former is a restrained-type distortion unit, much associated with the Bluesbreaker tonal palette while the latter is a furious distortion which does not cross into the heavy metal threshold. This pedal lets the user access each pedal individually & when boredom kicks in, you can put both into action simultaneously. 

Looking at the design per se, we see so much respect there. The pedal retains its BOSS outline; there's nothing JHS about it while the label says JHS. If you are big on keeping your ego in check, you would want your brand name there but let's just call it the Japanese virtue of retaining sublime identity. 

JHS founder, Josh Scott, was a BOSS geek to begin with so this collaboration is a natural segue for him. By the way, should these pedals be available here, would it come under the BOSS or JHS distributorship? Are we expecting two different prices? FYI BOSS is overseeing the production of this unit. 


Ijau D. Koceng said...

and the price will be in waza's range i presume? said...

NO idea, bro. There's a camp out there bent on boycotting this one.