Monday, September 11, 2017

Strandberg V-BDN

This is a Strandberg Boden guitar. It's one of those elite headless entity you'd not regret investing in. That body shape is acquired taste but it doesn't get in the way of playing comfort & that cut away offers so much upper fret reach. In a recent collaboration with BOSS, a V-BDN model was conceived (this particular model here) with technological enhancements, namely incorporating BOSS' V-Guitar technology. You get a voicing simulator, detuning patches & pickups simulation among others. Coupled with an awesome guitar of this ilk, it should be an achievement.

Not to kill the early enthusiasm but if it's the technology you are after, there are other more affordable takes (check out how much a Boden retails for at Davis GMC & factor in this technology into the price tag), namely from the Fender & Vox camps, to consider. 

Anyway, to show you the extent of the instrument's capabilities, here's maestro Alex Hutchings in action with one; he's a BOSS ambassador, he definitely knows what he's doing. 

Happy Monday everyone, have a good week ahead 😆

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